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Marruecos 25/04/2024

First Morocco Tomato Conference in Agadir by Greensmile, May 30th

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The first Morocco Tomato Conference will convey industry leaders, researchers, and stakeholders in Agadir to explore innovative strategies and techniques aimed at enhancing tomato cultivation. This pivotal event, which will take place on May 30th at Les Dunes d’Or Congress Hall in Agadir, will serve as a dynamic platform for engaging discussions and insightful presentations addressing the challenges facing the tomato industry. Kicking off with an in-depth analysis of market trends, participants will delve into the complex dynamics of tomato exports. Insights into current obstacles within the European tomato market and beyond will be shared, alongside actionable go-to-market strategies designed to enhance competitiveness and market penetration.

Cutting-edge technologies exhibited

Subsequent sessions will unveil cutting-edge techniques to elevate performance in tomato cultivation. Pioneering approaches in greenhouse technology and insights into optimizing water efficiency will underscore the conference's commitment to innovation. Notably, discussions will focus on developing sustainable resistance to the Tomato brown rugose fruit virus (ToBRFV), offering promising avenues for disease management. The conference will dedicate significant attention to addressing the critical issue of pests and disease management. Presentations on the status and future perspectives of ToBRFV will shed light on emerging challenges and opportunities. Practical case studies from the Netherlands will showcase effective hygiene protocols. Furthermore, integrated pest management strategies will be addressed against prevalent threats such as Tuta absoluta. Additionally, innovative sustainable pest management methods will underscore the industry's dedication to eco-friendly practices.

To become a catalyst like the successful Morocco Berry Conference

"The Morocco Tomato Conference will serve as a catalyst for innovation and collaboration within the agricultural sector. By fostering dialogue and sharing best practices, we aim to drive sustainable growth and resilience in tomato cultivation," says Siham Zahidi from the organizing team. Greensmile also organizes with great success for several years the Morocco Berry Conference in Agadir as well, where all the berry leaders and technology suppliers participate in a fully-booked event of 400 delegates and 30 exhibitors.

For more information and future updates, please visit the conference website. For inquiries, please contact Siham ZAHIDI : contact@greensmile.ma +212.666.668.605


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Latest varietal specialties for the Mediterranean climates will be presented.
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