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Países Bajos 31/01/2024

Dutch manufacturer reduces energy consumption of its ripening rooms by additional 20%

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Interko, one of the global leaders in designing, manufacturing, and installing cutting-edge fresh fruit ripening rooms, is thrilled to announce significant advancements that solidify its flagship ripening room as the world's most energy-efficient solution. These innovations also extend the technology to the pre-cooling market.

Interko has successfully reduced the energy consumption of its Ultimo rooms by an additional 20 percent. This achievement follows the launch of the second generation of its Reverso reversible fans, exclusively available from Interko.

In addition to the energy-saving enhancements, the design and technology of Ultimo have been intelligently adapted to allow the room's use for pre-cooling fruit.

Exciting improvements are on the horizon this year as part of Interko's commitment to offering the world's most advanced, high-quality, and cost-effective fruit ripening technology. Details about these upgrades will be disclosed in due course.

Chris Maat, Interko’s Managing Director/Partner, emphasizes, that energy efficiency remains the priority for fruit ripeners given the ongoing pressure on global energy prices. In response, Interko has re-engineered its Reverso fan technology, making them more energy-efficient. This results in a 20 percent reduction in daily costs, as confirmed by third-party testing and customers.

Maat further explained that the enhanced Reverso fans now can automatically identify reduced fruit loads within the ripening room. This feature allows individual fans to be deactivated without affecting the airflow to the remaining fruit boxes. Essentially, fruit ripeners now enjoy greater flexibility and reduced energy consumption, leading to substantial cost savings.

Additionally, Interko’s top-tier engineers have ingeniously modified the technologies of Ultimo to expand its applications to an entirely new market – for pre-cooling fruits such as bananas, avocados, mangoes, and citrus. With the aid of its energy-efficient fans, its rooms deliver superior efficiency and enhanced fruit quality compared to other available pre-cooling systems.

Ultimo's distinctive features

Ultimo stands out as the world's most energy-efficient ripening system, thanks to its unique airflow that ripens large volumes of fruit uniformly. The room can be installed in a single, double, or triple-tier format, accommodating various pallet sizes, making it suitable for operators of all sizes worldwide.

Maat explained that Ultimo's design, featuring one Reverso fan per pair of pallets, establishes a uniform airflow that moves laterally, as opposed to longitudinally, throughout the room. This ensures even ripening of all fruit across the room while minimizing air loss. The reduced presence of free air within the room contributes to controlling the ripening environment and, consequently, lowering energy consumption.

The director added that in discussions with their customers, such as Fyffes, there is unanimous agreement that no other ripening room surpasses Ultimo. A staggering 99% of their competitors utilize a longitudinal airflow in their ripening rooms, resulting in a significant variance in performance. Ultimo stands out as fundamentally different, and this distinction translates into more effective ripening, superior fruit quality, and reduced energy costs


Fruit Logistica 2024

Interko is offering complimentary consultations to anyone interested in ripening, pre-cooling, or de-greening fruit in the most energy-efficient way and at minimal cost. Meetings can be arranged on-site, remotely, or at Fruit Logistica 2024 on February 7-9, 2024. Interko will be exhibiting in Hall 1.2, Stand D-40.

Chris Maat (Managing Director/Partner), Anna Zegveld (Sales Director), and Narcís Guinart (Project Manager) will be present at the annual trade show in Berlin.

At the stand, they will be joined by Greg Akins (President & CEO) and Steve Page (Vice-President & COO) of Catalytic Generators, a US-based supplier of ethylene products for ripening and de-greening.

Companies interested in exploring these innovations can schedule a free consultation with Interko, either in person, remotely, or during Fruit Logistica 2024.
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Interko has successfully reduced the energy consumption of its Ultimo rooms by an additional 20 percent. This achievement follows the launch of the second generation of its Reverso reversible fans, exclusively available from Interko.
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