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Todos los paises 25/05/2023

Berries: Polish production increased by +3.7%

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2022 was a satisfactory year for Polish berry production, which recorded an increase in the volume produced.
Local media reported that according to data from the Central Statistical Office, Poland produced in 2022 a total of 589,000 tons of berries, which is +3.7% compared to 2021.
This total volume of 589,000 tons includes 180,000 tons of strawberries, 142,000 tons of currants, 105,000 tons of raspberries, 64,000 tons of blueberries, 10,000 tons of gooseberries and 88,000 tons of other berries.
With regard to exports: increase in volume for blueberries (25,000 tonnes) and raspberries (10,000 tonnes) but drop in volume for strawberries with 15,000 tonnes in 2022 against 19,200 tonnes in 2021.
source : sadownictwo.com
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Poland produced a total of 589,000 tonnes of berries in 2022, i.e. +3.7% compared to 2021 (Photo: ogrodnictwo.expert).
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