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Francia 18/01/2023

Noix de Grenoble AOP will be present at Fruit Logistica for the first time

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Participation as an exhibitor at the Fruit Logistica exhibition for the Walnut of Grenoble AOP (Protected Designation of Origin) whose production volume reaches 13,000 tonnes each year, approximately 53% is intended for export, mainly to countries of the European Union.
Noix de Grenoble AOP will be present for the first time at Fruit Logistica, which will be held from February 8 to 10, in Berlin. In the France hall (hall 22, B33) next to the Coopenoix cooperative stand. This participation will make it possible to highlight this year's harvest which is particularly qualitative and which gave a beautiful product, with a fleshy and very blond kernel.
This participation in Fruit Logistica will also make it possible to discover and present the 3 varieties (Franquette, Mayette, Parisienne) of this fruit which is marketed 100% in the form of inshell nuts.
The Noix de Grenoble AOP is the first French fruit to have benefited from an Appellation of Origin, since 1938. Today the appellation has 6,662 hectares of orchards, all gathered in the Isère valley and spread over 3 complementary terroirs at the confluence of 3 departments (Isère, Drôme, Savoie), and 741 harvesting producers.
Production reaches 13,000 tonnes each year, of which 47% is intended for the French market and 53% for export, particularly to Germany (18%), Italy (18%), Switzerland (9%), Denmark (2%), Greece (2%), Spain (2%).
source : aoc noixdegrenoble.com
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The production of AOP Grenoble walnuts reaches 13,000 tonnes per year, 53% of which is intended for export, mainly to European Union countries (Photo: CING Ferme Matras 93©️ginette).
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