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Todos los paises 01/04/2023

Organize your e-mailing campaigns on Fructidor database.

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How to send targeted e-mails campaigns and collect the list of professionals which click on it?
Fructidor.com has developed a powerfull solution thanks to lattest technologies in online marketing: E mailing + Identification. It enables you to deliver an e mailing to the target of your choice among fruit/veg professionals, and to identify who shown interest.
Fructidor.com has developed a new high-value service for any professional who wants to communicate with a large audience and in the same time to collect a list of potential customers.
What is E-mailing + Identification ?
E-Mailing + Identification is a combined service that
-Send your e mailing campaigns to the target of your choice including growers, packers, exporters, importers, retail buyers, wholesalers, traders etc…
-And identify which users have clicked on the message, so your sales team can contact the persons interested just few days after.
How does it work?
1.You select the target of your choice among the 145.000 fruit & veg professionals worldwide. Selection can be done by country, activity, products. 
Example: Growers + Avocado + americas
2.You send to Fructidor your project of e mailing. If needed our online marketing experts can design this for you.
3.Fructidor sends your e mailing when you wish
4.Few days after, Fructidor delivers a performance report with precise statistics as number of emails delivered, number of “opened”, number of “clicked”, …
5.In option, Fructidor delivers a list of qualified leads with name, tel, company name, country…
Engaged in Fruit / Veg market since 1935, Fructidor.com connects fruit/veg professionals worldwide.
 Marketing services and sales tools include:
- World fruit/veg professionals database
- Leads generation from verified buyers in need of produce and equipment
- Sourcing assistance for buyers, growers, packers
- Marketing & promotion campaigns
- Facilitator & Risk Mitigation
- Social Media Coaching and Contents
- Dispute resolution services
- B2B Meetings and Trade missions organization
Christophe Durrieu
+33 680 38 14 46
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Send your e-mailing to professionals Fruits and vegetables and obtain the list of potential customers.
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