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Marruecos 09/06/2022

DRAGON SUPERFOODS superfruits enter Africa, via Morocco

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Smart Organic, European leader in the production and marketing of organic superfruits, announces its entry into Africa, Morocco with its flagship brand DRAGON SUPERFOODS. The products are now distributed in Morocco by the partner company MAROC ORGANIC.
DRAGON SUPERFOODS products are now distributed in Morocco by the partner company MAROC ORGANIC, which is the leader in the import and B2B distribution of natural and organic products.
Initially created to meet the needs of high-level athletes and athletes, DRAGON SUPERFOODS is now aimed at anyone wishing to take care of their health. The offer translates into 8 categories of products that meet specific objectives (Immunity, Detox, Energy, Training, Form, Balance, Beauty, Keto). Among the brand's products, we find in particular: goji berries, acai berries, aronia powder, acerola, etc.
Founded on the concept of making healthy food affordable for everyone, Smart Organic
shares with MAROC ORGANIC the same values ​​and the same vision of the sector. "The arrival of DRAGON SUPERFOODS in Morocco will allow us to progress to reach more people by expanding the offer of organic superfoods throughout the country while improving people's health", commented Khadija Hezzaz, Head of Commercial Strategy. from MOROCCO ORGANIC.
Smart Organic, since its inception in 2009, has established itself as one of the leading producers and distributors of organic foods in Europe. Smart Organic's products are currently available in over 60 countries around the world.
More information about Maroc Organic HERE
More information about DRAGON SUPERFOODS and Smart Organic HERE
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MAROC ORGANIC now distributes the DRAGON SUPERFOODS range in Morocco, which includes many products including goji berries (Photo: linkedin/marocorganic).
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