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Bélgica 06/01/2022

Record turnover for BelOrta

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The year 2021 was a successful year for BelOrta, the Belgian-based fruit and vegetable cooperative, which achieved the highest turnover in its history. 
BelOrta, the fruit and vegetable cooperative, has announced that it has achieved its highest ever turnover in 2021 with 497 million euros. According to BelOrta, despite the final turnover, the results are varied depending on the product group. 
For tomatoes, there was a decrease in volume, but prices improved. For asparagus, the limited harvest and strong demand maintained good prices until April.  For leeks and cauliflowers, the year was moderate in terms of prices. For chicory, the beginning of the year saw a balanced market with good prices; the cold spring led to good demand and prices in April and May; demand weakened in the summer and then recovered in October and early November with better prices; in December, supply increased again at international level.
For fruit, the year was marked by ups and downs. The wettest summer on record led to a drop in production but also in consumption for strawberries and berries. Cherry production was very low due to frost in spring and high rainfall at harvest time. Apple production was abundant but the market was difficult because of the high supply of imported apples. Pear production was abundant and had better prices in the autumn due to smaller harvests in Europe. 
In 2021 growers extended the area under organic farming. For the first time organic asparagus was available at BelOrta. Cucumbers, chicory and grape tomatoes remain the top 3 references in the organic range. For fruit, higher volumes were recorded in the Jonagold, Conference and Blueberry varieties.
BelOrta also launched the EARTH label in 2021, a label for products from plots in transition to organic farming. The launch of the label has been widely applauded both nationally and internationally.
source : belortaprofessional.be
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In 2021, the growers have expanded the area under organic farming. Cucumbers, chicory and grape tomatoes remain the top 3 references in the organic range (Photo: belortaprofessional.be).
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