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How to feed your Sales team with verified HOT LEADS ?

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Time is money ! and this is specially true for Sales team. For anyone looking to increase sales team performance, here is a fantastic online service: Verified Buyer Alerts
How much does a Sales person costs to your organization?
In any cases, any manager should keep an eye on innovation that can increase sales team performance.
Fructidor.com developed a service that enable exporter & packer to receive VERIFIED BUYERS ALERTS in real-time.
How does it work?
Once exporter has subscribed to this service, he will receive enquiries directly from Verified buyers.
100% of these buyer Alerts have been manually verified by Fructidor team.
What information is included ?
Key information are included as: Product, origin, organic or conventional, caliber, variety, packaging, incoterm
And also: Name of the buyer, Mobile number, e mail…
“The good thing is that you know who needs your produce. But what is excellent: you know that the buyer needs a solution now ! “
There is no better time for seller than when Buyer needs your produce ! Right?
“Verified Buyer Alert” program is set up for 1 year
Exporter can register as many products they wish.
More info: CLICK HERE  
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