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Nueva Zelandia 15/06/2021

New production and export record for New Zealand avocado

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The 2020 season saw record volumes in terms of harvest and export. Despite the difficulties linked to the health crisis, the value of sales increased by more than 40% compared to the previous year.
According to New Zealand Avocado, the avocado sector in New Zealand continues to grow remarkably. The 2020 avocado season saw record volumes in terms of harvest (44,000 tonnes) and exports (5.1 million 5.5 kg trays) to 11 markets.
In value terms, export sales reached NZD 167 million ($ 119 million) and domestic sales NZD 60 million ($ 42 million), totaling NZD 227 million ($ 162 million). This 2020-21 season total shows an increase of over 40% from the NZD 155 million ($ 110 million) of the previous season.
Despite the difficulties linked to the health crisis and in particular the major disruptions in freight, the volume of exports increased. Australia remained the No.1 market for New Zealand avocados with over 4.2 million trays (5.5 kg). Due to lower domestic production, Australia increased its demand + 45% compared to the previous season. The other export markets are mainly Asian countries, such as Thailand, Taiwan and Singapore.
For professionals in the sector, the development of other markets is a priority. Australian demand is expected to weaken, given domestic supply which is forecast to increase sharply over the next 5 years.
Just over half of last season's fruit was grown in the Bay of Plenty and almost 40% in Northland. The harvest of the new season avocados has just started.
source : industry.nzavocado.co.nz, nzherald.co.nz
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Record in volume and value for New Zealand avocado in the 2020 season (Photo: facebook / nzavocado).
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