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Taiwan 17/03/2021

Pineapple from Taiwan will be present at the Tokyo Olympics

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Several Taiwanese products (pineapple, mango, dragon fruit) have met the requirements of the Tokyo Olympic Games Organizing Committee to be served to athletes during the event.
COA (Council of Agriculture) has announced the favorable opinion received from the Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games Tokyo 2021. Pineapple, mango and dragon fruit TGAP PLUS have been approved for the Olympic Games in Tokyo. TGAP PLUS refers to an improved version of Taiwan Good Agricultural Practices (TGAP), designed for pineapples, mangoes and dragon fruit.
The Tokyo Olympic Games Organizing Committee had stipulated, for the supply of food products, that all products must comply with Global Good Agricultural Practices (GGAP) or Japanese Good Agricultural Practices (JGAP) as well as other programs like TGAP. The Committee approved TGAP PLUS whose products are considered to have the same standard as products certified by GGAP and JGAP.
Pineapples, mangoes, dragon fruit that are produced in Taiwan to TGAP PLUS standards have met the requirements to be served at the Tokyo Olympics.
The 3 newly approved fruits join the Taiwanese bananas which received approval on March 9 of last year for the 2020 Olympic Games. 2020 Games which have been postponed to 2021 due to the pandemic.


source : archyde.com, taiwannews.com.tw

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Pineapple from Taiwan is approved for the Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games (Photo: twitter.com/NewTaipeiGov).
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