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Inglaterra 06/01/2021

Delays but no major disruptions

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A few days after Brexit, traders at the New Spitalfields wholesale market noticed some delays, but products from the mainland arrived.
New Spitalfields Market in east London is one of the UK's largest wholesale fruit, vegetable and flower markets. Trucks arrive from Spain, Italy, France, Poland and Holland, delivering early in the morning.
Since the entry into force of Brexit, traders in the wholesale market have noticed some delays in deliveries. According to these professionals, suppliers based in countries such as Holland now require 1 additional day for deliveries. But no shortage has been observed.
It's a little more complicated than before according to these professionals who believe that the real test will be for a little later in the month of January. Since January 1, cross-Channel traffic for perishable foodstuffs such as fresh food has not recovered its volumes prior to the Christmas period.



source : standard.co.uk

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No shortage, fresh produce from Europe is making its way to the wholesale market in east London (Photo: newspitalfieldsmarket.co.uk).
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