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Colombia 12/11/2020

Corpohass present their seal of sustainability

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According to DANE figures, between January and September 2020, exports of this fruit reached 95 million dollars, representing an increase of 34% compared to the same period of the previous year and thus exceeding all exports in 2019.


Its growing importance in the local and international market, as well as its relevance for the economy of the families involved in each step of the value chain, is signalizing of the positive impact that should be generated in the communities and the environment, considering international standards such as GLOBALG.A.P. standards and RainForest Alliance, among others.


These advances encouraged the Corporation to present an implementation plan of its own seal that promotes sustainability among the other entrepreneurs involved in the supply chain, production, packaging and marketing of Hass avocado.


"Hass Sostenible" this seal will be granted by Portafolio Verde, a leading consulting company for sustainable development in Colombia. Companies which are interested in obtaining the seal, may voluntarily submit to an evaluation of their organizational management from the point of view of sustainability.

There will be three aspects to evaluate: ambiental, social and economic and strategy sustainability; which include organizational governance strategy, customer and supplier management, management of natural resources, environmental culture, safety and health at work.
The organizations that receive 70 percent of evaluated aspects will be recommended to obtain a Hass Sostenible Seal or Hass Sustainable Premium. The distinction will last for one year, which will encourage companies to be in constant update and innovation to respond to the changing demands of the market.
“The introduction of a differential seal with a sustainable approach is a commitment to improve the competitiveness of Hass avocado.” - says Jorge Enrique Restrepo, the executive director of Corpohass.
The 17 companies participating in the pilot initiative are located in the departments of Risaralda, Caldas, Quindío, Antioquia, Valle del Cauca, Tolima. The piloting stage will be completed by the end of this year, so that the organizations which represent a high quality level could obtain it once it is released.
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“The introduction of a differential seal with a sustainable approach is a commitment to improve the competitiveness of Hass avocado.”
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