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Corea (Sur) 28/10/2020

1 million urban farmers, Seoul's goal

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Seoul, the South Korean capital, has set itself the goal of having 1 million urban farmers in the coming years. Clean air, better insulation and above all local production of food products.
The South Korean capital launched in 2012 its 1st urban garden program. Now the Seoul Metropolitan Government has announced that it will establish urban vegetable gardens totaling 52,989 ㎡ in 264 locations, including on the roofs of buildings, schools and welfare centers.
“The goal is to encourage 1 million urban farmers to make Seoul healthier,” said Kim Kwang Deok, director of Seoul's urban agriculture division.
The government will invest the equivalent of approximately $16 million in the acquisition of space and in training programs. The plan offers many benefits: better insulation, lower energy bills and carbon emissions, cleaner air, job creation, and local food production.
The roofs of 80 buildings will serve as spaces for the creation of vegetable gardens. About 20 daycares and 60 schools will also become places for growing vegetable gardens. These schools will be visited by experts who will give students the basics covering the ecosystem, the environment and food.
Seoul will also expand the use of "box gardens" by distributing 29,000 boxes to allow people to grow edible plants in indoor spaces, such as verandas and window sills.



source : seoul.go.kr, news.cgtn.com



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Urban agriculture will expand to 264 new sites in the Korean capital, which plans to soon have 1 million urban farmers (Photo: seoul.go.kr).
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