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España 29/09/2020

Nature Punnet, the milestone in the packaging of fresh fruit

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SanLucar, one of the brands for premium quality fruit and vegetables, developed the new packaging Nature Punnet.


The objective of the company is to reduce the use of plastic in packaging and to opt for alternative materials, which are more sustainable, while guaranteeing optimal product preservation in terms of quality and freshness.


The Nature Punnet consists to 94% out of paper, which is FSC-certified and originates from sustainable sources. In addition, it is particularly resistant to humidity that is crucial for products such as berries, which are available in the supermarkets’ refrigerated areas.


A perforated film of the 125-gram packaging enables a good fruit ventilation. This film can be easily recycled as it can be separated without any problems from the paper. Thus, the new concept extends not only the storage life of sensitive fruits, such as blueberries and raspberries, but also helps to reduce food waste.


Additionally, the berry punnet can be decorated with the distinctive premium brand design by using paper.


Maria Plasencia, Packaging Manager, SanLucar, said: "It has been a challenge to work with such a complex product like berries and find the right formula to offer both, our customers and the final consumer, a packaging which is committed to nature, but also to the high quality expected from a brand like ours". 


For years, the company has been working on a packaging strategy that is especially focused on sustainability. San Lucar has a committee of experts exclusively dedicated to innovation and development of eco-friendly packaging with proposals that have been able to save up to 600 tons of plastic in the last five years.


About SanLucar


SanLucar, one of the premium brands for fruit and vegetables, is a globally positioned enterprise with subsidiaries in Germany, Austria, Spain, Italy, Tunisia, South Africa, Ecuador, Benelux and Dubai. The company has a range of more than 100 varieties of fruits and vegetables from more than 35 countries.


For more information, please visit company’s website.

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The Nature Punnet, the sustainable packaging of fresh fruit
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