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Marruecos 11/04/2019

The fifth edition of MIFA will take place in Morocco

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The fifth edition of the MIFA event (Made In & For Africa) organized by AC PRO will take place on May 1 in Casablanca.
AC PRO is an association of foreign professionals residing in Morocco and in various fields of expertise. The mission of association is to accompany, train and assist foreign professionals in Morocco and create a favorable environment for the multiplication of business opportunities.
The MIFA 2019 event, under the theme: "Agriculture: from food to agro-business, application of the Moroccan model" aims to:
 - exchange around a strategic topic for the economic and social development of Morocco and Sub-Saharan Africa,
- capitalize on the Moroccan model in terms of agricultural policy,
- promote training in the agricultural sector in Morocco,
- raise awareness of innovative techniques and practices in the agricultural sector,
- to have feedback from foreign professionals and business leaders in Morocco.
This meeting will be interesting for entrepreneurs, professionals or those looking for employment.


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