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Aerospace technology comes to packing houses

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Compac, part of TOMRA Food, has recently launched the Sizer Simulator, a simulation tool which allows fruit and vegetable packhouses to train operators and prepare for incoming real produce.  As Compac has announced: Sizer Simulator extracts maximum performance from existing equipment.

This tool allows optimizing machine set-up and processes in virtual environment by creating a digital replica of packing house. So called “digital twin” technology is frequently used in aerospace and energy industries.

“When we used to talk with new prospects and wanted to design new packing line or packhouse we used 2D-drawing, 3D models, but just imaging that now, with Sizer Simulator, everyone can run free over that line. In virtual space we now are able not just to build customer’s packhouse, we can virtually run the customer’s fruit across that line and calculate what a commercial outcome will be with different scenarios. And customers can do the same”, - explains Head of TOMRA Food Grading Mike Riley and adds: “From the other side you do not want your operator to practice on your fruit. This is your fruit – you will lose money. This tool is widely used in process control industry. You don’t build an oil platform, drill for oil and then figure out whether the oil is there or not. You do not do it like this! You pretend that you find oil, you simulate exactly what is going to happen before you start to drill a hole.”

Packing houses are always afraid to change any settings in software parameters as this can lead to waste in production, so they typically use the same software parameters for each variety as they did in the previous season. This does not allow making any improvements, which could have caused receiving additional profit.  The Sizer Simulator can solve this problem; it allows operators to run no-risk trials of new setups to analyze opportunities for improving yield and packing efficiency.

Mr. Riley says that initial trials indicated that Sizer Simulator can also help predict bottlenecks in the sorting process, and can reduce overall downtime by enhancing knowledge of line speed management. He explains that Sizer Simulator is also available as part of the Compac Software Assurance Program– CSAP, a comprehensive software service package offered by Compac. “With this program customers pay an annual fee and within this annual fee they are entitled to any software upgrade we have (for operating systems, applications, Sizer Simulator, Spectrim, Inspectra 2, modeling service)”.

Sizer Simulator together with future innovations from Compac will be demonstrated at Fruit Logistica in Berlin (6-8 February 2018) - Hall 9 / D-22.

For contact:
Roberto Ricci
GM & VP Europe
+39 335 1224955

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Head of TOMRA Food Grading Mike Riley with Sizer Simulator, which arranged digital fruits on the line lettering “PMA 2018”
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