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The Little Label with the Biggest Impact

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Sinclair launched its new corporate logo at the annual Produce Marketing Association Fresh Summit in Orlando, Fl, USA.  Sinclair’s new logo – making it the most dramatic change in its brand since becoming the pioneer of fresh produce labeling – is emblematic of its ongoing commitment to providing customers and the industry with innovative labeling solutions and programs. Using an updated version of the iconic Sinclair “S”, a fresh blue with accents of an environmentally friendly green, the logo better reflects the corporate brand today.

In addition to a new brand identity, Sinclair will also unveil a new website which prominently displays the powerful brand campaign message: “The Little Label with the Biggest Impact.”  For more than 35 years, Sinclair’s dedication to providing food-safe labels for the fresh produce industry has helped marketers and grower, packer, shippers globally distinguish their produce and brand. 

“Our new logo, brand and website better communicates what Sinclair represents and stands for today,” says Sinclair President & CEO, Colin P. Woodward. “We’ve kept visual elements of our previous logos which reflect our long-standing heritage and we’ve emphasized our forward-thinking mindset and objective to achieve strong growth, drive innovation and focus on sustainability.”

Operating in over 50 countries worldwide, Sinclair manufactures food-safe labels and equipment systems for the global fresh produce industry that comply with all relevant legislation. The unique Sinclair Tab-Lift® feature allows fruit labels to be removed quickly and easily--- and all in one piece.  To learn more about refreshed brand visit new website www.sinclair-intl.com.

Or visit Sinclair at Fruit Attraction (Madrid, Spain) Hall 3, 3B 13A.

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Sinclair team at PMA Fresh Summit in Orlando, FL, USA
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