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Chile 16/10/2018

PACLIFE presents its lattest innovation in modified atmosphere packaging during PMA Fresh Summit

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PacLife, the Chilean expert in modified atmosphere packaging technology is proud to show its new developments at next PMA show in Orlando. 

Among others, visitors will be able to see the lattest launching in containers for table grapes. Within the portfolio of products, the company has technology for cranberry, cherry, various vegetables, kiwi, pits and pomegranate among others


Aware of the demands and needs of today's markets in terms of extending the shelf life of horticultural products, PacLife, through a decade of research, managed to develop patented and manufactured containers in Chile for the packaging of horticultural products with modified atmosphere. Today the company is consolidated and widely recognized nationally. Excellent results are also registered in export for six consecutive seasons with a product that provides safety first and under the highest quality standards. Today Paclife is presnt in America, Asia, Europe and soon Africa.


The success of the company has always been based on winning factors: nanotechnology in packaging, innovation as an engine for developments according to the needs of the sector and strong technical support. Company is proud to say they have generated " a true link with its customers that facilitates a great transfer of knowledge"


Today, the company works in a development called "Complementary Packaging", which consists of use of technologies from harvest to final recipient. This generates a true synergy between them and maintains optimal condition for produce. For example, its Hydrotech technology is considered as a key innovative tool to improve the performance of exports of cherries and other fruits, maintaining the condition, freshness and turgor of the product, fundamental aspects in markets as demanding as China. This technology has given excellent results at local and international level as in Italy, where professionals have already adopted this development in their processes, obtaining unique results in their exports.


PacLife will be present at the PMA of Orlando - Stand No. 1050, next to the Chilean pavilion and the association of exporters of the country, presenting its latest advances in modified atmosphere among others.



Mr. Cristian Parra

Commercial Department

Tel. +56 9 98107525

E mail. cristian.parra@envasespaclife.com


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