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Honduras 17/09/2018

Honduras expected to harvest more than 28,000 tons of potatoes

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This crop covers 2000 acres of land, according to the National Agrifood Development Program (Pronagro), a unit attached to the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (SAG).


The technical secretary of the potato chain, Edwin Flores, stated that this year there would be reductions in the area, due to the lower amount of rainfall that has been predicted for the second semester of the year because of the climatic phenomenon "El Niño".


The low production would not affect the supply at national level. Planting monitors reveal that this estimated goal will be achieved. The potato in Honduras has a strong social impact with the generation of 5,800 permanent jobs, the main source of wealth for the communities where it is grown.


Recently, the SAG with the support of the City Hall held the educational forum "the potato identifies us and feeds" with the participation of 550 producers of the Lenca ethnic group dedicated to that sowing.


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