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Italia 07/09/2018

Live from Hong Kong: BLUEBERRY VISION 2 from UNITEC, unprecedented reliability for sorting blueberries

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In Hall 5B stand E09, UNITEC presents its BLUEBERRY VISION 2 technology, for the sorting and classification of blueberries, which allows to visualize 100% of the fruits, both inside and outside, with a reliability unprecedented.
Blueberries are among the most delicate fruits and at the same time the most loved by Asian consumers. Many of the blueberries consumed in Asia come from South America, and in particular from Chile, where several companies have chosen UNITEC solutions, for the high reliability and precision of the sorting process, which allows unparalleled consistency of quality.
The importance of the Asian market was underlined by the opening of a subsidiary UNITEC ASIA PACIFIC. Based in Melbourne, this branch has been established to support Australian and New Zealand customers of UNITEC, offering them optimal service (spare parts provided quickly and a highly specialized service).
For Mr. Luca Montanari, vice president and commercial director of UNITEC, Asia is a very important reference market. It is a market that imports products with high standards of quality. Technology for accurate and reliable classification, internal and external, of quality is a strategic asset to succeed. "In a market like this, our offer, always inspired by excellence and perfected with more than 90 years of activity, finds its ideal space, a space where its potential can be expressed as much as possible," says Luca Montanari.

More information on https://en.unitec-group.com/




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BLUEBERRY VISION 2 allows to visualize 100% of the fruits, both inside and outside, with an unprecedented reliability.
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