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Todos los paises 22/02/2018

The 1st TROPICAL FRUIT CONGRESS will bring together the world's elite Avocado and Mango

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Three months before the event to be held as part of MACFRUT 2018, the TROPICAL FRUIT CONGRESS has already received a hundred registrations from around the world, with accessions from the main producing countries (Chile, Mexico, California, Spain) and major importers (Netherlands).

TROPICAL FRUIT CONGRESS is the first European summit dedicated to avocado and mango. The interest generated by the exotic fruits and the high quality of the speakers will make the event, scheduled for May 10th and 11th, one of the most important events of an increasingly international MACFRUT 2018.
In recent years, there has been an exponential increase of interest in exotic fruits, so much so that double-digit growth rates have been recorded in Europe. Thus in 2016/17 for avocado 505 369 tons were consumed, an average growth of 26.5% compared to the previous season, with peaks in Belgium (+ 146%), Luxembourg (+ 113%) , in Spain (+ 41%).




10-11 May 2018



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Los miembros
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Francia Midi Europe - Francia - 1. Ajo - 2. Zanahoria - 3. Apio
Estados Unidos de América Tom Lange Company, Inc. - Estados Unidos de América - 1. Cereza - 2. Limón - 3. Mandarina
Francia JURI-FRUITS - Francia - 1. Nectarinas - 2. Melocotón - 3. Albaricoque
Ecuador Earthfructifera International - Ecuador - 1. Aguacate / Paltas - 2. Plátano - 3. Mango
Estados Unidos de América Stellar Distributing - Estados Unidos de América - 1. Lima - 2. Higo - 3. Granada
Estados Unidos de América Agrimex Capital, Inc. - Estados Unidos de América - 1. Plátano - 2. Guindilla verde - 3. Aguacate / Paltas
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1st edition of TROPICAL FRUIT CONGRESS, the only European summit dedicated to avocado and mango, on May 10th and 11th in the framework of MACFRUT 2018.
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