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Ucrania 13/02/2018

MELITOPOL CHERRY – the first success for Ukrainian company at Berlin Fruit Logistica.

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Melitopol Cherry Corporate Group – is a group of dynamically developing agricultural enterprises, which are specialized in the cultivation of fruits, cereals, oilseeds and technical crops.

 Being the leading company of fruit production on the South of Ukraine, Melitopol Cherry proposes to the customers high quality products – cherries, apples, raspberries, strawberries and apricots.

Cherry is the core activity of the company, and offered in different varieties: Valerii Chekalov, Krupnopodna, Melitopolska Chorna, Francis, starting from May till July.

Next year company aims to develop the export to international markets, so it has some great plans to install new sorting line and successfully started by exhibiting in the biggest trade show in Europe: Berlin Fruit Logistica.

For more information:

Melitopol Cherry

Serhii Polovinets

Export manager

Tel: +38 096 069 42 18

Tel: +90 533 865 77 45



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Karina Stanchevska, Chief financial officer and Serhii Polovinets, Export manager present their brand in Berlin Fruit Logistica
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