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Países Bajos 11/01/2018

The latest Avocados treatment research confirms possible achievement of 70% reduction in weight loss and improved firmness

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This week Liquidseal R&D department released results and conclusions regarding an internal trail with green skinned avocados.


In this trail the Liquidseal for Avocados was tested on green skinned Chilean avocados with late intervention. It was used the time-frame of 3,5 weeks within conditions of 8℃ in cooler.


Treated by Liquidseal for Avocados green skins outperformed the control group by significantly reducing weight loss and retaining an overall better firmness, staying eat-ripe longer. Therefore, the current Liquidseal formula for avocados proves to be functional on green skins and resulted in a 70% reduction of weight loss, while the green skins are still able to enter their ripened stage.


It was achieved improved firmness - more than 50% above 2 kg./cm2.

In addition team has determined increased amount of edible avocadoes.


Liquidseal follows the philosophy to develop and improve sustainable products to reduce fruit losses and to reduce the need of pesticides. Liquidseal for Avocado is compliant with EU and FDA regulations. As well Liquidseal packaing has KIWA certification (covenant packaging for organic fruit).


For contact:


+31 (0)71 3014314





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