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Azerbaigian 02/01/2018

DAD fruit grower has selected 3 regions to get the best fruits from Azerbaijan

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Since 2005, the D.Fruits LLC company from Azerbaijan has been growing different fresh fruit & vegetables. In 2017, the company  which operates with the DAD brand, has grown 5/6.000 tons of apples, and more than 14.000 tons are forecasted for 2018 season thanks to maturity of new orchards.

 After a quick development, the grower is now operating on 560 ha on different locations in the country. In Guba region, located in north of Azerbaijan near the Russian border, the company works on  430 ha. Weather there is cold and very productive for apples.

 Another 230 ha are harvested in souther part, including  130 ha in Gabala region.

According to Mr Tarlan Hamidov, CEO of D.Fruits LLC explains:

“Azerbaijan has different climate, during the 5 last years, we have tested different locations to obtain the best results for various fruits: apples and cherries which are our main products but also peaches, abricots, nectarines, peaches, plums, pears…

We have now 3 different regions with different climate to offer the best fruits. Gabala region is very good to harvest cherries. We are doing lots of tests and are planting lots of new orchards. DAD means “Flavor” in Azerbaijani, it s our objective to offer the best quality.”

Concerning apples, the company proposes 8 varieties and has different agreements.

Among varieties “Story Inored” is an exclusivity for Azerbajan, DAD has made 130 tons and more orchards will be planted in 2018. This variety is well demanded. Pink variety is also grown. Granny Smith and Red Delicious are very important for DAD.

Concerning cherries, the company has lots of varieties: 24. From low sweet cherries to sweet cherries. Season goes from beginning of april to june..

Mr Tarlan Hamidov points out:

“With our new farm in the south of Azerbaijan, we can have cherries at the beginning of april which is a competitive advantage.”

The company has sold its produce to Russia and local market until 2015. For 2 years now, it has started exporting fruits to other markets as UAE, Maldives, Malaysia, Hong-Kong, and is looking for additional markets.

Investments are also made to level up the coldstore capacity. Today DAD has a 7.000 tons coldstore capacity.  This capacity will be extended to 10.000 tons in 2018.

Mr Hamidov:

“In august, we will start building a new facility to extend our capacity from 7.000 tons to 10.000 tons. In march, we will also test a new line for dried fruits. We are developing very fast and have great ambition. Our location is very good with 15/16 days of delivery to Dubai, 34/39 days to Malaysia & Hong-Kong. “

The company will be exhibiting at Fruit Logistica Berlin.



D.Fruits LLC

Mr Tarlan Hamidov, CEO

Tel : +994 50 278 0027



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Mr Islamaddin DAMIROV & Mr Tarlan HAMIDOV, CEO D.Fruits LLC from Azerbaijan
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