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Peruvian mango production will reduce 80% in the 2023/24 campaign

Mango production in Peru would range between 100,000 and 120,000 tons in the 2023/2024 campaign, which represents a substantial reduction of between 80% and 83.5% compared to the 600,000 tons produced in the previous season (2022/2023), according to data from the Peruvian Association of Mango Producers (Promango).
The decrease in production would be due to the adverse weather conditions experienced throughout the year, which affected the flowering process of the plants and distorted the physiology of the crop.
The Piura region is responsible for 75% of the total mango production, followed by Lambayeque (Motupe-Olmos) and Áncash (Casma). The decrease in production is observed in these three main mango growing areas.
According to Promango, the drop in production is 80% in San Lorenzo (Piura), 95% in Motupe and, in the case of Casma, which has a later production, they are working to mitigate the decrease in flowering.
Regarding the varietal offer, Kent represents 95%, while the remaining 5% is made up of varieties such as Edward, Haden, Ataúlfo and others destined mainly for the domestic market. Due to lower mango production, especially of the Kent variety, the Ataúlfo variety is being redirected towards export to different markets due to its greater ease in flowering management.
This situation is having a significant impact on the entire mango production chain, including supply, labor, logistics and trade in the surrounding areas of the plantations, affecting the economy of the producing regions.
In addition to the decrease in production, there is concern about the lack of progress in the reconstruction works in San Lorenzo, which are carried out in response to climatic events that occurred at the beginning of the year. Many roads remain in poor condition, works are not progressing as planned and there is concern of a possible El Niño Phenomenon in January 2024, which further aggravates the situation.
source: agraria.pe
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