22/05/2023 | EspaƱa

Fresh fruit and vegetable exports decline, imports surge

Notable changes in the fresh fruit and vegetable market during the first quarter of 2023 were observed in Spain. The export volume of fresh fruits and vegetables has decreased by 12%, amounting to 3.3 million tons, while imports have increased by 17%, reaching one million tons, according to the latest data from the Customs and Excise Department, released by the Ministry of Industry, Trade, and Tourism.

The decline in export volume is evident for both vegetables (-10.3% compared to 2022), totaling 1.7 million tons, and fruits, (-13.2%), totaling 1.5 million tons.

On the other hand, import volume has grown, with a 15% increase for vegetables, totaling 583,465.4 tons, and a 19% increase for fruits, totaling 497,253 tons.

In terms of value, both exports and imports have increased. Foreign sales of fresh fruits and vegetables increased by 9% during the analyzed period, totaling 5,349 million euros, while imports grew by 26%, reaching 1,121 million euros.

Adverse weather conditions during the campaign, particularly in January and February, have impacted the decline in export volume. However, there is concern that this setback is becoming a recurring trend, while imports continue to show consistent growth. In the previous year, foreign sales decreased by 10.4% compared to 2021, while imports grew by 6%.




source: fepex.es

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