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Spain, the second-largest exporter of vegetables worldwide

Spain is positioned as the second-largest exporter of vegetables worldwide, according to the Statistics Division of the United Nations (UN).

In recent years, Spain surpassed Mexico and the Netherlands in the value of vegetable exports, currently being beaten only by China. While China exported vegetables worth 9,712.97 million euros in 2022, Spain's exports amounted to 8,541.47 million, representing a significant increase compared to the difference between the two countries a decade ago, when China's vegetable exports exceeded Spain's by 20.84% with 5,926.12 million euros compared to 4,903.99 million euros for Spain.

In 2021, Spain surpassed Mexico and the Netherlands, with China still ranking as the top exporter. China’s vegetable exports reached 8,518.29 million; those of Spain, 7,459.41 million euros; those of Mexico, 7,267.44 million euros and of the Netherlands, 7,212.47 million euros.

As of 2022, the Netherlands' vegetable exports totaled 8,051.25 million euros, and although UN statistics do not yet provide definitive figures for Mexico, it is expected that the Netherlands will surpass Mexico.

source: hortoinfo.es
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