17/11/2022 | Kenia

Kenya suspends avocado exports

In order to protect the 'Kenya' brand and prevent immature avocados from driving down prices, avocado exports are suspended.
Kenyan media reports that HCD (Horticultural Crop Directorate) has decided to close the harvest season for Hass, Furte, Pinkerton and Jumbo varieties as well as export by sea for the 2021/2022 season. The suspension applies until January 2023 to all exporters of fresh avocado and avocado oil.
However, off-season crops may only be exported by air and after inspection and approval by the HCD.
With this decision, the HCD wants to protect the 'Kenya' brand and avoid the same situation as for the 2018 season when the large harvest of immature avocados had caused prices to fall.
According to FPEAK (Fresh Produce Exporters Association of Kenya), farmers need not worry because the move is only to let the avocados ripen.
The suspension of avocado exports will be reviewed in January. Avocado exports could resume as early as February 2023.
source : the-star.co.ke
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