03/11/2022 | Estados Unidos de América

Perishable cargo claims process becomes simpler and faster

Expert in cold chain and supply chain management solutions, DeltaTrak, proudly announces a partnership with Optimiz, a London-based technology company. 

Today, exporters who use DeltaTrak in-transit solutions can monitor location and condition of their perishable cargo in real-time while in transit. Thanks to their partnership with Optimiz, customers whose cargo has been damaged can start the insurance claims process immediately. With Optimiz, a user is able to issue a letter of protest while the shipment is still on its way.

CEO of Optimiz Kingsly Kongnyuh Kwalar says that time is essential when handling perishables. The partnership with DeltaTrak is a game changer for global traders, as they can now start their claims process by sending a notice of loss even before the cargo reaches its final destination. Thus, the consignee is never late, and always complies with Article 3, Rule 6 of The Hague / Hague Visby Rules.

DeltaTrak’s FlashTrak Cloud Services platform includes this new claims function. FlashTrak services enable customers to monitor real-time temperature, humidity, light exposure, shock data, and location for domestic and oversea shipments. Recently, DeltaTrak also launched FlashTrak Chain of Custody, the service that aggregates data provided by consortium partners to enable traceability of the supply chain. FlashTrak CoC helps users respond to expanded requirements of Food Safety Modernization Act record keeping (FSMA 204).


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