01/08/2022 | Brasil

Brazilian scientists work on clones of Royal Gala apple variety to improve coloration

From being an apple importer, Brazil has turned also to an important exporter of this fruit. According to ABPM, the Brazilian Association of Apple Growers, Brazil in 2020 accounted for approximately 1.09% of global production with 938,000 tons produced.
In Brazil, due to climatic characteristics, apple production is concentrated in the southern region and is essentially divided between 2 cultivars: Gala (60%) and Fuji (35%).
Brazilian scientists are working on clones of the Gala variety and have developed BRS Gala JVZ64 which has been named 'Purple Gala'. An apple of 'full color', with 100% intense red skin and without streaks. This new apple also has all the positive characteristics of the Gala.
In the 2021/22 harvest around 145 tons of 'Purple Gala' were produced in the agronomic validation orchards located in Vacaria (RS), one of the main fruit production centers in Brazil. An evaluation phase with consumers is underway.
source: portalmercadobrasil.com.br, diarural.com.br
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