20/07/2022 | Ecuador

Guatemalan blueberry enters new market

The blueberry is a new crop for Guatemala but it has been developed a lot recently. Exports advance and 4 years after the first shipment to the United States, Guatemala adds a new destination for its blueberries.
After several years of negotiations, the Ministries of Agriculture and Foreign Affairs of Guatemala have confirmed the end of the process with Canada and the agreement on phytosanitary requirements. The authorization granted by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency opens the Canadian market to blueberries from Guatemala.
Canada is an important market that has become the sixth destination worldwide for blueberry shipments. In 2021, Canada imported 70.590 tons of blueberries from different countries.
This authorization satisfies Guatemalan growers who believe they will be able to plan an expansion of crops and further develop exports.
Guatemala also exports its blueberries to other Central American countries and to the United Kingdom, where the fruit obtained authorization at the end of 2020.




source: simfruit.cl, redagricola.com

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