20/07/2022 | IrĂ¡n

Decline in volume and value for Iranian pistachio exports

For the Iranian calendar year which ended on March 20, the balance sheet of pistachio exports shows a decline in volume and value
According to IRICA, the Customs Administration of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the country exported 135,322 tons of pistachios worth USD 914,427,826 during the Iranian calendar year which ended March 20. 2022.
Iranian pistachios have been exported to 75 countries. The first destination market was China with a turnover of 199 million USD, followed by India with 85 million USD, Russia with 53 million USD, Iraq with 50 million USD.
Compared to the previous Iranian calendar year, pistachio exports decreased by around 33% due to the drought that affected crops as well as strong competition in world markets.
For the calendar year that ended March 20, 2021, Iran exported 203,637 tons of pistachios with a turnover of USD 1.371 billion.
source : tehrantimes
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