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Giving life to fruits and vegetables: German producer offers innovative shelf-life extending solutions

If someone told you that you could slice an apple and it would remain fresh for up to 21 days, you would at least ask for proof. Nutriac confirms this assumption as an innovative leading company in the field of food biotechnology that specializes in the shelf-life extension of fresh-cut produce.

Nutriac was founded in Germany by a team of young scientists and entrepreneurs in 2015, and as the operations expanded, it established headquarters in the United Kingdom and Greece in order to better serve European customers’ needs. The pioneer company provides unique scientific solutions in over 25 countries in Europe and overseas.

Nutriac's core portfolio includes the production of competitive formulations for extending the shelf-life of cut or whole fruits and vegetables, produce washing and decontamination, food preservation, as well as consulting services for new product development. Thus, the creation of high added value is achieved based on the new global requirements towards sustainability for the entire food sector.

The competitive advantages of Nutriac are ability to uphold the highest quality throughout the entire production process and fair pricing. Even though these formulations were thought of as a luxury product at the beginning, the aim of Nutriac’s team was to transform them to an everyday commodity. Key aspect in their business operations is the need of building strong and long-term relationships with all partners, both suppliers and transport providers, as well as customers.

The main target group of the company so far was mainly addressed to the fruit and vegetable industry, especially fresh-cut market, catering services and restaurants. However, as noted by the scientific community, as fruits and vegetables are the most common types of food waste, it is important to understand that we must pay close attention to other structures along the supply chain, such as farms, the manufacturing and packaging industries, and supermarkets.

In an effort to move away from plastic and towards a sustainable lifestyle, Nutriac introduces an alternative way of preserving fruits and vegetables with natural ingredients. For example, in the case of fresh-cut produce, more than 15 unique vitamin and mineral based blends with anti-browning and firming properties are available (NutriFresh). Respectively, a sustainable packaging which includes a collection of edible coating systems that create a natural barrier between the fruit's skin and the atmosphere is already available for purchasers (NutriCoat).

As the next step, Nutriac focuses on the establishment of its new products such as a chlorine-free antimicrobial produce wash (BioClean) and a fresh shrimp and crustacean black-spot treatment (SeaFresh). Through collaboration with major Academic Institutions throughout Europe, the company carries out cutting edge scientific Research and Development (R&D).


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