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Mexican avocado exports to the U.S. will exceed 1 million tons by the end of the campaign in June

Mexico is the main producer and exporter of avocado in the world. In 2019, according to United Nations data on international trade, the value of world avocado exports reached $6.270 million, of which Mexico participated with 46.5 % ($ 2.913 million).
In the same year, world avocado exports increased by 12.7 % compared to 2018, while Mexican exports grew by 21 %.
In 2019, world avocado production increased by 5.2 % compared to 2018, adding 7.18 million tons, the highest volume registered, according to FAO.
This rise was mainly caused by the increase of the cultivated area (5.2 %) and to yields (0.9 %). The harvested area in that campaign was 727.000 hectares with the yields of 9.9 tons per hectare.
Avocado exports increased more than three times between 2012 and 2019, from 558.000 tons to 1.28 million tons, according to the Tariff Information System via Internet of the Ministry of the Economy.
The U.S is the main destination.
In the last decade, around 80 % of avocado exports went to the United States, the main importer worldwide.
In 2020, Mexican avocado shipments to the US increased by 17 % compared to 2019, according to data from the United States Department of Agriculture.
They forecast that at the end of the campaign in June 2021, supplies to the US will exceed one million tons.
These estimates are based on information provided by 29.000 associated producers and 65 exporting packages.
It is worth mentioning that Michoacán is the main producing state and is the only state certified to export avocados to the United States.

source: inforural.com.mx

photo: economiahoy.mx

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