29/03/2021 | Taiwan

Taiwanese company presents the innovative solution for crop growth and quality improvement of fresh produce

Lytone Enterprise, Inc. presents a new liquid fertilizer for crop growth and quality improvement of fresh produce. Azolyte, the newly-launched fertilizer, consists of not only macro-nutrients such as phosphorus, magnesium and potassium which are necessary for plant growth, but also of multiple elemental nutrients, which could only be found in oceanic sediments. These trace elements are considered to be beneficial for plant physiology as well as for growth. 


Azolyte’s effect on fruit quality was examined in central Taiwan, where grapes are grown and harvested from March to August. Field trial showed that with Azolyte, grapes changed the color from green to purple faster. In East Asia, color performance boosts the wholesale price up to 100-200% for table grapes, so it was well appreciated by local farmers.


Now, Azolyte is registered in Taiwan and is ready to serve the farmers of the island, while searching for distributors in the international markets. 


Lytone Enterprise, Inc. is one of the leading global innovators and providers of data-driven technologies and science-based solutions to extend the shelf life of fresh produce and to boost its quality. The company launched innovative postharvest solutions for different categories ranging from kiwi fruit, mango, apple, guava, avocado, and citrus to tomatoes. Lytone Enterprise supports growers, packers, retailers by providing post-harvest solutions at different levels of the supply chain from farm to market, increasing the value to stakeholders and saving resources of our planet at the same time. 


For more information check the website. 

Charlie Huang

Director of Sales Agricultural Supply Division

Tel: +886-2-26940885 ext.164

Email: charlie.huang@lytone.com 


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