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Participate in the online opening of the New GGN Label

GLOBALG.A.P. announced the extension in 2021 of its GGN label (GLOBALG.A.P. Number) to agriculture and fruits and vegetables. An online event on April 27 will present this new GGN label.


If you are a producer, retailer or supplier, and you want to source from certified, responsible production, participate in the virtual opening event to learn from GLOBALG.A.P. specialists how the GGN label can help improve your business. Participation is free of charge and is open to all interested parties.


The GGN label (GLOBALG.AP Number) confirms that the products have been grown in accordance with certified good agricultural practices which cover food safety, sustainability, social responsibility, animal welfare, environmental protection and transparency of the supply chain.


The GGN label is accompanied by a 13-digit farm identification number. This number allows the consumer, directly on his mobile device, to trace the origin of the product. Just visit the GGN label portal www.ggn.org and type in the GLOBALG.A.P number. (GGN) to find all the information on the farm, its location and its products.


In 2021, the GGN label will include agriculture (the vegetables and fruits sub-scope). 

The new and improved portal for mixed scopes will feature a consumer-friendly front end and an efficient management system on the back end for GGN label licensees.





April 27, 2021, online event, available in 2 sessions:


Session 1: 10 a.m. –11 h. It's in English)

Session 2: 3 p.m. - 4 p.m. CEST (in Spanish)


Each session is divided into 2 parts:


1. Unveiling of the new GGN label Learn everything you need to know about the new GGN label with: Kristian Moeller (Managing Director GLOBALG.A.P.), Federica Berardo (Director of Marketing Operations GLOBALG.A.P.).

2. Question and answer session


In addition, one week after the event, and covering all technical questions on the GGN label, there will be free informative webinars available. Register for webinars here



To learn more about GLOBALG.A.P. follow the link

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