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Israel 03/04/2017

Zoepac Post Harvest Solutions Ltd develops MAP progressive technology with bananas suppliers.

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  Modified atmosphere packaging market is often seen as the most suitable packaging option for fresh food products.

  Zoepac Post Harvest Solutions Ltd started its business operation around 2006, specialized in developing and selling of MA packaging and other postharvest technologies although the business focus so far is MA packaging. Being active worldwide, with regional offices and distributors specializes in processing technologies for the fresh produce and lightly processed sectors, they are especially strong on the R&D and technical aspects (Mr. Adnan Sabehat have almost 20 years of experience now in this industry as developer and seller of this product).

 Zoepac Post Harvest Solutions Ltd has launched a new type of MAP bags.

These bags basically give three benefits:

1.     preserve the green colors,

2.     can ripen in the bags which saves huge costs incurred now because of the current procedure,

3.     then thirdly after ripening the bag will extend the yellow life of the banana (after ripening).

   Mr. Adnan Sabehat, the CEO of Zoepac Post Harvest Solutions Ltd explains: «MAP - a breathable plastic packaging used mainly by exporters or importers of fresh produce. The objective of using it is extending or preserving the freshness of the fresh produce to enable them to have more flexibility to sell their product (fresh produce) or ship by sea freight instead of airfreight or even for the purpose of long storage of produce (extending the season) ».

   «Now  we develop  MAP with Banana multinationals” – continued Mr. Adnan Sabehat.

Banana is one of the commercially important tropical fruit being produced in more than 120 countries in the world with an annual production of 88 million tons from an area of 10 million ha.MAP technology along with low temperature storage helps in extending the shelf-life and maintenance of the quality of fruits.

“MAP packaging will enable those companies to pack the bananas green at source (such as Costa Rica, Ecuador or Philippines), ship it to the destination country then ripen the banana inside the bag without the need to cut and open each box (as currently done in this industry) .

Contact: Mr Adnan Sabehat

Tel: +972 54 448 4715

Email:  zoepac@zoepac.com

Web-site: www.zoepac.com


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