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Nueva Zelandia 15/02/2017

The price of apples is sharply increasing

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 In New Zealand, the price of apples has reached peaks, due to a slow start of the new season, which results in very small supplies.

Prices that usually rise in January are at record highs this year. Apples increased by 40% compared to the previous month.
New Zealand professionals stress that this "air hole" will not last. Before the season, apples are imported to ensure the permanent availability of this fruit on the stalls. Just before the new season, imports slowed and some varieties (Gala, Granny) were less available.
According to Statistics New Zealand, vegetable prices also rose by 5.9% in January. A rise in prices was observed for most food products, with an average of 2.4%.


source : stuff co nz, new herald,scoop co nz  

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ew Zealand is "between 2 seasons" which explains the increase of prices according to professionals (photo: stuff co nz).
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