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Francia 06/02/2017

The whole range of thermal packaging for fruit and vegetables

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Thermal packaging is indispensable solution for transportation of temperature sensitive products that requires a defined temperature to be maintained during shipping to the end user. Cryopak offers a wide range of solutions with operations in USA, Canada and France.

Cryopak has the expertise in all aspects of cold chain in order to preserve the original quality and freshness of fruits and vegetables during transportation and reduce loss to minimal levels.


Following solutions are customizable, depending on characteristics of each product and transport means:


-      Thermal packaging with a range of insulated packaging suitable for all modes of transport Insulation in polystyrene, polyurethane or VIP for performance from a few hours to 144 hours, small volume to pallet format, assembled or disassembled, reusable or single-use versions


-      Cold sources with refrigerants supplied for different temperature ranges (Eutectic gels, plates or mats for 0°C to +8°C, positive or negative Cold Eutectics for +2°C to +8°C, +15°C to +25°C and -20°C)


-      Temperature & humidity monitoring equipment with a choice of data loggers (Temperatures from -100°C to +80°C with accuracy from +/- 0.3°C to +/- 0.5°C, Single-use or reusable format.)


The company can also work with customers on specific projects in the design and implementation of specific packaging solutions.


The company goal is to ultimately serve the fruit and vegetable industry with simple and easy to use solutions in all aspects of supply chain.


Visit Cryopak at Fruit Logistica in Berlin, Hall 22, C-21


Mrs Blandine Pannier

Sales Manager Europe

Email: BPannier@cryopak.com

Tel : +33 (0)


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